HAIDA – CLEAR NIGHT “light-pollution” filters


Lots of you guys tried to take night shots and your shots end up off WB with lots of light pollution, Last week Haida sent me  CLEAR NIGHT  filter and I got a chance to try it last night on the Academy Bridge in Venice which is full of yellow and red colors. I shot one with filter and one without for the same setting on bulb mode ISO 100 and almost 3min without filter and 4min same setting with filter and Resulting images will have truer colors and improved contrast when compared to images influenced by light pollution.

My review on this product is very positive, first of all, the way this filter eliminates all extra light and correcting my WB the other point of this filter is the fact of adding more time to your exposure which I love and if you taking lots of night shot this filter is the right tool



Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 00.12.56.jpg

I have to thank Haida for sending me this Filter