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Venice Carnival+Long Exposure

3 Days Black and white long exposure photography workshop. Venice Italy Feb 02th-04st Feb 2018





3 days of , black and white super long exposure photography workshop in Venice Italy


Experience: Beginner to Advanced

Max Places: 10

Includes: Long Exposure Photography, Black and White Post Processing Workflow.

Cost: 600€ 

Duration: 3 days

Workshop Overview : I'm going to share with you 11years experience of living in Venice and share the best locations to photograph Long Exposure . 

We are going to do step by step workflow from composition to camera setting to editing



Camera EquipmentYou will need a DSLR or Mirror-less Camera that has BULB mode, wide angle   lens, a sturdy tripod, a remote shutter release, 6 stop filter, a 10 stop filter, or a 12 or 15 stop filter, . A laptop can be brought along on the workshop for post processing . and good walking shoes

 If you don't have any ND filters Please contact me I have some Extra


If you need further information, please email me direct at



Please note, flights and accommodation are not included in the price. 

No Cancellation